Our Company

VisionV&M team prepares for a night lift

V&M Erectors’ vision is to be a national leader as a subcontractor specializing in steel bridge installation, with an emphasis on challenging projects that satisfy contractor priorities and meet the needs of the communities they serve.


V&M Erectors’ mission is to further establish our excellence as a subcontractor through innovation, competitiveness, and satisfying all deadlines set by our clients. We are committed to attracting and maintaining a loyal and proficient workforce.

To meet the needs of our clients, we offer flexible and innovative solutions to deliver on-time project completion. V&M Erectors meets the highest standards of quality, safety, reliability, and business integrity. Through this balance, we ensure long-term relationships with our clients and the stability of our company. We also cultivate a culture of excellence and afford our employees opportunities for professional growth.


V&M Erectors’ values are client-oriented and prioritize building long-term business relationships and professional respect. We foster excellence by offering the best results to our customers through the flexibility and reliability of our workforce.

Competitive Advantages

V&M Erectors provides exceptional engineering and construction capabilities in all phases of steel bridge installation, with significant experience across a diverse array of complex projects in challenging environments. We stand ready to meet the demand of this sector of bridge construction. Our experience, innovation, and dedication have awarded V&M Erectors a reputation for outstanding performance.