Exceptional Performance for over 25 YearsV&M employees work well together

V&M Erectors was incorporated in Pembroke Pines, Florida, in 1988. V&M Erectors is a construction subcontractor, specializing in steel bridge structures. In doing business with V&M Erectors, our clients benefit from a tradition of over 25 years of excellence, with experience in steel bridge installation spread across the Southeastern United States and the completion of a railway bridge project in Liberia.

Each of our more than 100 employees is well-trained in safety, in addition to being a skilled tradesperson. As a subcontractor, V&M Erectors also recognizes that our clients’ priorities drive our projects. We satisfy our clients by focusing on quality, safety, budget, and schedule. At V&M Erectors, we appreciate that this focus allows for the successful completion of a project for both the prime contractor and V&M Erectors.

V&M Erectors takes pride in our dedication to quality, safety, and innovation. Delivering projects on time, with the highest standard of quality, and within budget are hallmarks of V&M Erectors. We look forward to continuing our tradition of exceptional performance as steel bridge installation subcontractors.